Interviews by Egon and Rena Horcajo, Tony and Suzanne Serafin, Mindy Clark, Dee Van Winkle, Sheila Conover, Billy Whitford, Cheance Adair, and Bud Hohl. Sections: 0:38 - The Right Crew 11:19 - The Right Equipment 19:58 - The Right Execution 25:15 - the Right Strategy

Get amped to go paddling with a few fun videos around the planet we found.

How to paddle Pana O Ke Kai

Don't get caught up in the racing, always remember that paddling was meant to be fun.

A quick clip of our 41 mile race across the Ka'iwi channel. Mahalo to our family, friends, sponsors, and supporters for helping us make this happen. Couldn't have done it without you folks. Sponsors: Penske, Kialoa, Outrigger Surf, Kai Elua, Pelican, In2it, and Jitters Extra mahalo to the Adolphos, the Pidots, and Egon Horcajo Film/edit: Ikaika Pidot Live feed: OC16 Music: Fat Freddy's Drop

Filmed by Keizo Gates, Kaoru Lovett, Keola Wright, and Luke Evslin. Assembled by Makana.

Beautiful video. Watch the technique these guys have, especially the rhythm. It's easy to see how a boat is synced based off the nose: if it's a double bounce or soft bounce, the rhythm isn't there. If it's unified and distinguised, everyone's together.


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